Hui LĬ's Field Records 

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   Studying Ecological Agriculture in Yimeng Mountain

Museum work

   Introducing the items on display

S. Yunnan

   Collecting the blood samples from Lahu population

NW. Yunnan

   Crossing jungles of Gaoligong Mountain into Drung population

Zoo work

   My chimp friend, Bobo, was one of my subject.

N. Guangxi

   Copying sole prints of Kam children

Between Yunnan and Guangxi

   A Youth League system was a convenient way to the field.

W. Hubei

   Mystical Cliff Coffin

W. Guizhou

   On the way to Pudi, a Red-Glao village

S. Guizhou

   Going to Mollao's villages along Clear-Water River


    Danga villages floating on the water in Lingshui County

Mien Mountains

   Really hungry and thirsty in the village after a whole day's climbing the high mountains

Between Sichuan and Tibet

   Those Khamba villages are scattered on the highland.


   Found a bone in a Liangzhu Archaeology Culture site


   Wu people in oriental Venice have a cryptic origin.


   Nepal people wonder whether they are yellow people or white.


   Working with the teachers in Dept. Anatomy, Hue Medical College. 

N. Taiwan

   Katangalan used to be the largest Taiwan aboriginal population, but now has been melted into Taiwan Minnan Chinese. Can I find them?

S. Taiwan

   Does it mean there were certain relationships between Puyuma Culture in south Taiwan and Liangzhu Culture(3000BC) around Shanghai as their jade crafts are so similar?


   The children of a large Muslim pedigree in Toxun County were waiting to register.


   The monk of the temple we lived in was interested to be a subject of our study.

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